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Kalimantan dayak iban shrine figure #13 (BCA)

An old dyak kalimatan shrine figure of a dutch soldier . This figure is called patung polisi by the native people in borneo . Dutch used to colonise indonesia for over 300 years and dutch soldier were sent to kalimatan to help eradicate headhunting.Patung polisi were carved to commemorate those who have passed during headhunting raids. The dayak place figure like this in a shrine as a form of respect.

Item comes with custom stand .

age : 60+ years

 International e-packet availeble for this item up to 2 KG for USD 20 woarldwide . Please enquire for e-packet before purchase.

Item Weight : 150g
Dimension : 16cm x 3cm x 3cm

Price : 285.00 USD
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