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Dayak hudoq mask #1 (BM1)

Hudoq is a kind of thanksgiving festival of many of Dayak groups of east Kalimantan province.

According to traditional belief of Bahau, Busang, Modang, Ao’heng and Penihing people, hudoqs are 13 pests that destroy crop like rats, lions, crows, etc. In the festival the Hudoqs are symbolized by dancers who wear masks that represent pests and jackets made of areca palm or banana tree bark.

It arranged from village to village after people dibble the land to grow dry-field paddy in September to October every year. They pray so that their field will grow abundantly.

material : light wood

age: 1980s

Item Weight : 400g
Dimension : 33cm x 45cm x 27cm

Price : 285.00 USD
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