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Kenyak Dayak hudog mask # 4 (BM4)

Kenyah dayak is one of the sub ethnic groups in borneo . located in the central north of borneo island. The kenyah dayak are well known for their tendrill design like the ears of this mask . This mask is worn during the rice festival which is called the hudoq festival . Itrepresents a one of the human deity which is celebrated by the kenyah .

(the ears on the side of the mask symbolizeof an aso head facing down wards , a human with mouth opening on the side and a hornbill facing the top)

materail : wood / painted

age : 1980s

condition: used

Item Weight : 1.1kg
Dimension : 51.5cm x 44.5cm x 10cm

Price : 980.00 USD
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