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Dayak Traditional tattoo set # 2 (BTT2)

Borneo tattoo set with 2 needles ,2 tapper and ink tray .Made of iron wood and buffalo horn. 1 needle with an 'aso' figure which is used for making the design another needle with a human motif is used for coloring .The 2 tapper is used for tapping the needles . there are 2 tapper which u can see one with a flat end and the other is for with a round end . the one with a flat end gives a stronger tapping and the round end gives a lighter tapping .

item comes with custom stand.

material : iron wood ,needles, buffalo horn and antler.

Item Weight : 400g
Dimension : 28cm x 1.4cm x 4.5cm

Price : 185.00 USD
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