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Dayak headhunter statue #2 (BAC002)

This statue is of a headhunter dancing the 'ngajat' .The Ibans perform a unique dance called the ngajat. It serves many purposes depending on the occasion. During Gawais, it is used to entertain the people who in the olden days enjoy graceful ngajats as a form of entertainment. Iban men and women have different styles of ngajat. The ngajat involves a lot of precise body-turning movements. The ngajat for men is more aggressive and depicts a man going to war, or a bird flying (as a respect to the Iban god of war, Singalang Burong).

sword and feathers are detachable .

color : brown finish

(item also availeble in black, white and natural finish .)

material:handcrafted in acacia wood

Item Weight : 1.2kg
Dimension : 44cm x 15cm x 12cm

Price : 120.00 USD
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