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Javenese wedding couple Loro Blonyo#3 (IS003)

This sulptures of Central Java called "Loro BLonyo" which can be translated as "inseparable couple".

Philosophy and symbolic meaning contained in the statue that now exist as Loro Blonyo bridal pair is deeply for Javanese people. Initially, Loro Blonyo ownership is closely related to culture. It was only the aristocracies who have it. In joglo-Javanese traditional house, statues Loro Blonyo is put in sentong or placed in the center of the house. Sentong is a Part of the Javanese traditional house which is considered as privacy area of husband and wife. Based on the history, myths and philosophies. Usually they buy Loro Blonyo because they believe in the myth that Loro Blonyo able to increase the harmony and prosperity of the family.

material - paint in wood and copper/brass plates.

male    - H - 54.5 x 10 x 2.5 cm ( 6.5 kg)

female - H - 55.5 x 22 x 29 cm ( 6 kg )

 This items is posible to ship with sea parcel for more economy shipping. please enquire for quote to your country . shipping by sea may take  2 - 4 month depending on country  .

Item Weight : 12.5kg
Dimension : 55.5cm x 22cm x 29cm

Price : 850.00 USD
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