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Antique Dragon Brunei bronze kettle #1 (ANB001)

This is a 19th century antique bronze kettle from Brunei, but was found in Sarawak probably through trade. Bronze kettles were use as a ceremonial object of wealth for weddings, important occasion and also were treasured as an heirloom. During the warring period against the Japanese bronze kettle were used as a form of currency for trading as it is regarded as a highly valuable object.
The dayak people of borneo has kept this kettle for generations and were sold to a local trader .
I was fortunate to find such an piece as there are very rare.
Note for buyers -
We are license dealer for antiquity and we have authorized permits from the Sarawak museum to export and certify the authenticity  ,origin and age of this antique. 
Please allow 5 – 8 working days for the issuing of the export permit and also please email us a copy of your passport for the new owner.

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Dimension : 39cm x 39cm x 25cm

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