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old baby carrier bead panel #5 (BBW5)

This beaded panel is made of very fine antique beads. This panel is normally attach to a baby carrier with bells shells and animal parts. The motif on the panel is a godlly figure that is believe to be able to ward away bad spirits that will harm the baby in the jungle. The motif is lake a tree of life with many design in it as the hand and lag of the figure is of a hornbill and the top of the figure is of 2 aso dragon coming out and the top with another 2 aso with its mouth open .On the side of the panel with yellow beads are also aso motif. The aso motif is commonly found in this beaded panel as theaso is consdered a protective image .

Item Weight : 300g
Dimension : 29.5cm x 33cm x 0.1cm

Price : 285.00 USD
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