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Gold mamuli pendant #17 (IJO017)
This hollow omega-shaped jewelry piece, known as a Mamuli, is a unique form of embellishment from the Island of Sumba in Eastern Indonesia. Each of the 7 tribes from this region has its own distinct Mamuli Jewelry design.  Mamuli are part of a family's heirlooms, believed to gain ancestral powers as they are passed along from generation to generation. They were historically worn only on ceremonial occasions, thought to have too much supernatural potency to be shown daily.
Although the basic omega shape of the Mamuli represents the stylized female genitalia, they were a form of tribal men's earrings, especially when having flared embellished ends such as this one. Because of their large size, they might be attached to turbans for support. Today they are worn by both men and women, often as necklaces, but with the same reverence for thier ancestral meaning

material - Gold or silver alloy

International e-packet availeble for this item up to 2 KG for USD 20 woarldwide . Please enquire for e-packet before purchase.

Item Weight : 17g
Dimension : 6cm x 4cm x 1.5cm

Price : 250.00 USD
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