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Iban Pua Kumbu #1 (BT001)

Pua Kumbu is a traditional patterned multicolored ceremonial cotton cloth used by the Iban, made and used in Sarawak, Malaysia. Pua kumbu are woven by Dayak women and are considered to be sacred objects. They are used for lifecycle rituals and special events including the birth of a child, coming of age celebrations, receipt of an important item to a longhouse, and to screen a corpse that is being laid out in a longhouse prior to burial.


This beautifull piece here is woven with 6 row of human figure with 2 row consisting of male figure and 4 row consisting of female figure. The border of this piece here is very wide and consist of 3 parts. 1940s
Condition - minor discoloration and a pin hole on the top left .(see photo for details)


Item Weight : 1kg
Dimension : 183cm x 141cm x 1cm

Price : 1,500.00 USD
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