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Dayak Master ceremonial baby carrier #7 (BBC007)

Dayak traditionally carry their child in this baby carrier or known as ' Ba ' by the dayak .At first glance, ba' is a practical, beautifully decorated vehicle for carrying children - one of the many unique in the world slings and bands. In reality it is not so. ba' is really a very practical thing, but at the same time, it is truly a work of art, endowed with supernatural properties and plays an important social role.

An ironwood ba is only used by the privileged segment of the population.Ba' plays the role of guardian of the child's soul. Many Dayaks believe that the soul of the newborn is not firmly entrenched in his body, so pay special attention to decorating carrying. It is believed that the aesthetic beauty of Ba attracts the child's soul, keeping it in the body .

This baby carrier is made of one single piece of iron wood and decorated with cowry shells , old beads wild boar tusk and coins.The eye are made of shells which believe to ward of evil .

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Item Weight : 4.3kg
Dimension : 41cm x 36cm x 18cm

Price : 3,500.00 USD
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