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Old dayak kenyah beaded baby carrier #10 (BBC010)

Dayak traditionally carry their child in this baby carrier or known as ' Ba ' by the dayak .At first glance, ba' is a practical, beautifully decorated vehicle for carrying children - one of the many unique in the world slings and bands. In reality it is not so. ba' is really a very practical thing, but at the same time, it is truly a work of art, endowed with supernatural properties and plays an important social role.

This particular 'Ba' is from east of Borneo from the kayan tribe of the orang ulu .Decorated with very nice antique bead panels with aso motif and adorn with 7 stripes of antique glass beads with bells and shells all around the beaded panels.


Item Weight : 1.58kg
Dimension : 39cm x 43cm x 21cm

Price : 1,850.00 USD
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