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Abtique Batak Gun Powder Holder #35 (IMC035)

Batak, Toba, Sumatra
19th Century

This small powder horn known as "salempang" were used to hold gun powder for muzzle loaders.
The surface of this object is enveloped in complex curvilinear designs with the top center of a horned Singa face from which the object is suspended.
Gunpowder was loaded into the larger end, and carefully taken out through the smaller opening as needed.
The Batak eagerly sought firearms shortly after they were introduced by Europeans.
This arm and other related paraphernalia were, like the traditional weapons.
Carved entirely from horn, the lid which also engraved with Singa face is held secure by a small horn peg that goes through perforations in it and the container. This collector's item in excellent vintage condition.

Item Weight : 280g
Dimension : 10.5cm x 21cm x 3.5cm

Price : 399.00 USD
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