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Nias ancester figure 'Adu zatua' #19 (IS019)

Ancestor Figure
Nias, Indonesia

On the Island of Nias; spirits of deceased ancestors are believed to intervene with the daily affairs of the living. Ancestor figures such as these would be consulted before any serious decision is made. This type of Nias figure is characterized by an elongated torso and vestigial stumps for arms; this is the style of Batu Island. This particular example has a powerful presence; the expressive nature of the face captures the essence of the ancestors. The attention to details is incredible; with finely carved long ear ornament, coconut shell necklace, delineated kneecaps; and a fantastic royal coiffure, this is a true masterwork. This piece has sustained no losses and is in excellent condition, with some slight stabilized age cracks at the back and head of the figure.

Item Weight : 500g
Dimension : 39.5cm x 7cm x 7cm

Price : 1,800.00 USD
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