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Borneo Dayak Bahau Hudoq Mask #22 (BM022)

A large and very well carved Bahau Dayak mask. Exuberantly designed and finely executed with dimensional carvings of pronounced jaws, pointed fangs, prominent snout and ears, painted in trade paints of red, off white and black with a sort of stubby tendril motif, significant to the Bahau Dayaks. Used during festivals to reunite the rice spirits with the growing of rice - they are associated with good spirits, protectors of the earth, who ensure fertility and prosperity for the village. This mask has it's original bite stick present and usually would be worn with a skin or rattan hat inserted with the tail feathers of the hornbill (not present here).
In excellent condition.

Item Weight : 1kg
Dimension : 38cm x 32cm x 19cm

Price : 380.00 USD
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