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Handmade Pearl Necklace From Papua #23 (PNG023)

Indonesian Irian braided beige Rope triangular front necklace, decorated with oval curled golden Mother-of-Pearl Shells,beneath bunched red and white Job Tear's seeds. At the top of the triangular front are three rows of combination of seeds , and around the rim are white Cowrie Shells. The largest mother of Pearl shells, are each, approximately, 1.75 inches in length, and the smallest are 1 inch in length. The maximum width of the necklace is 7 inches, and the drop length, at the triangular front of the necklace, is 8 inches.
The drop length from the top to the bottom of the necklace is 15 inches and finished with a braided rope loop and a circular white Shell toggle.
Beautifully mounted on a custom metal base which stands 17.5 inches,

Item Weight : 500g
Dimension : 20cm x 18cm x 3cm

Price : 225.00 USD
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