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Asmat Ceremonial Headdress #7 (MPNG7)

This large traditional tribal Headdress from the Latmul People, Papua New Guinea was woven for the ceremonial yams. The semi circular domed top of the headdress is primarily decorated with shells comprising those of the cowries and cream nassa and, at the border, lines of dyed black and red wood buttons, coix Job tears and red seeds. Suspended from the back of the hat are sixteen strands of red wood buttons and seeds, each with three white feather pendants. On each side of the headdress is braided fiber flap, decorated with cowrie shells and large Conus shell disk with wood bead center. At the base of the circular front is two large white ovula shells and at the base of the back is a long fringe of shredded sago leaves. The cap is 9 inches in diameter (expands), and the fringe at the back of the cap is 17 inches in drop length.

Item sold with display metal stand.

Item Weight : 2kg
Dimension : 43cm x 23cm x 23cm

Price : 750.00 USD
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