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Papua Ceremonial Dance Ornament #10 (MPNG10)

This is an extremely rare men's waist belt from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The complex ornament is constructed from bush string with twelve gradual,much prized,Conus shells around the central front diameter. Cowrie shells, fringe of seeds and shell disks, and two linked strands of bunches of various shells attachments with dense row of overlapping cream nassa shells edging. A large ovula shell attached as toggle. The shells on the example are old and in perfect condition, with a nice layer of surface patina. These are becoming very rare in the field these days, and are only seen during the occasional sing sing or when presented as a traditional wedding gift.
This piece dates to the late 20th century, comes from a private Indonesian collection and is 59 inches ( 150cm ) in length by 11 inches ( 28 cm ) in width.
Additional images available on request.

Item Weight : 1.5kg
Dimension : 28cm x 150cm x 13cm

Price : 900.00 USD
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