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Nias headhunter necklace #46 (IJO046)

Kalabubu Headhunter necklace ,


early 20th century .

This splendid circular trophy necklace, called kalabubu, is from south Nias of Sumatra. It has a bold form that made of brass wire onto which are strung highly polished discs of coconut shell in such a way as to form a smooth black ring with tapering ends fastened by a brass clasp with a decorative flat brass buckle.
Such necklaces were worn by aristocratic men in southern Nias. They formed part of a Nias man's heirloom possessions and were high prestige items. They were a declaration that the wearer had taken a human head from an outsider group and had brought it back to the village thereby bringing creative and protective forces to the community. Headhunting was associated with nobility, masculinity, and power.


Item Weight : 250g
Dimension : 24cm x 23cm x 5cm

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