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Indonesian Antique Bird cage #49 (IMC049)

Keeping birds is a common practice in Indonesia. Birds are valued pets and bird owners often come together to socialize and hear the birds sing. Ornamental bird cages are commonly used to house or transport the birds. The example shown here is an exceptional vintage bird cage.

The hand carved wood cage features a variety of decorations, many of them echoing larger structures. The rear door, for example, is reminiscent of the doors of traditional houses flanked by carved wood panels showing bird figures. The whimsical handle is a beautifully carved mermaid-like figure.

The cage shows remarkable craftsmanship. It is in very good condition, except for two disconnected strings at the top left of the cage but this in no way detracts from the value or beauty of the piece.

This piece is from Lombok but is clearly Hindu in nature, drawing more on the traditions of neighboring Bali than on the Islamic culture that is dominant in Lombok today. The age is unknown, but likely to be mid to late 20th Century.

Item Weight : 1.25kg
Dimension : 32cm x 24cm x 19cm

Price : 485.00 USD
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