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Borneo ceremonial skirt sungkit #14 (BT014)

This kind of textile are known as bidang sungkit or kain kebat which means ceremonial skirt.

This skirts are hand woven and used by the iban tribes of borneo and are use for special ceremonies like wedding and auspicious occasion. A piece of kain kebat may take 6 to 9 month to weav and are dyed with natural dye.

This piece of kain kebat here is a very rare skirt with very strong color, symmetric design and beautiful boarders.

It is also in very good condition dispite minor stain andpinhole due to use see photo for details. The Kain kebat are worn by bride for wedding ceremonies and may probably stain by tuak during the occasion.

19th - 20th century

Item Weight : 200g
Dimension : 47cm x 96cm x 1cm

Price : 800.00 USD
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