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Hand Blown Molten Glass On Sculptural Wood Base #1 (BGT001)

A natural art decor that is truly versatile!! This delightful sculptural molten glass vessel can be used to create your own unique table-top terrarium or vase, or even a fish bowl and anything of your own imagination. This simple yet elegant, one of a kind piece features a clear glass bowl formed over a natural driftwood base, forming a unique glass scape bottom. The hand blown glass is made of recycled materials and it has a slight green hue to it while the driftwood is from the Gulf of Teluk in Central Sulawesi.


✧ Maximum Height : 15.25 inches

✧ Maximum Width : 10.5 inches

✧ Maximum Depth : 6 inches

✧ Glass Height : 7.5" & 5"

✧ Wood Height x Width x Depth : 12 x 10.5 x 6"

✧ Wood Weight : 2.6 kg

✧ Glass Weight : 0.77 & 0.73 kg

✧ Driftwood Base

✧ Handcrafted of 100% recycled glass

✧ One of a kind unique piece

✧ Glass vessel assumes the natural shape of its reclaimed wood base

✧ This striking bowl will lend your outdoor-inspired display a fluid, organic feel

✧ The presence of air bubbles accentuates the nature of the traditional hand blown crafting process, making each piece unique

✧ When you order this piece, you will receive this exact sculpture.

Item Weight : 4.1kg
Dimension : 38.5cm x 26.5cm x 15cm

Price : 498.00 USD
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