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Unika Borneo specializes in museum-quality Borneo Dayak and Indonesian arts, artifacts, crafts and unique collectables. Their collection has been built up over 25 years of experience and consists of pieces from around Southeast Asia, with a focus on the regions of Sarawak and Kalimantan, as well as certain parts of Indonesia.

The objects that we are interested in for our gallery to collect and sell are mainly pieces that would be perfect for home deco, that are beautiful collectibles and also historical objects that have been handed down through generations. But most importantly, they have to be quality crafted and handmade, still in the traditional way.

UNIKA BORNEO has built over thirty years of experience and source of the best discernable selections of Borneo ethnic crafts. Any recommended object you can find in Unika Borneo is collectible for its special features, exceptional quality, uniqueness, creativity, expressive style, limited production, rarity and objects of rare or extraordinary ritual or sacred purposes. It takes very conscious pursuit with the best sources, to be able to get in touch with these collections.

Our creative design, products and art are represented worldwide through exhibitions for 25 years. Collectibles, artifacts, and important collections plus top quality pieces are strongly represented in various countries throughout the world.

Collectors, architects, diplomats, designers, galleries, art professors, businessmen, hoteliers, resort management, consultants, companies, young professionals and inspired home makers as well as boutique fashion houses who have been enthusiasts in the quest had collected Unika Borneo’s signature collections.

Collecting is a wave as it has always been, and continues to be so because of the value and beauty in such collectibles.

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