Dayak Baby Carrier Bead Work

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Dayak beadwork is a profound expression of cultural heritage among the indigenous Dayak people of Borneo, intricately weaving together spiritual beliefs and artistic craftsmanship. Central to their beadwork are motifs depicting godly figures, the hornbill, and the dragon, each laden with symbolic significance.

Godly figures in Dayak beadwork often represent ancestral spirits or deities revered for their wisdom and protective powers. These figures are meticulously crafted with beads of varying colors and textures, reflecting the spiritual essence believed to imbue the artwork. They serve as guardians and guides, embodying the spiritual connection between the Dayak people and their environment.

The hornbill, a prominent motif in Dayak culture, symbolizes strength, protection, and prosperity. Adorned with vibrant beads, its likeness in beadwork underscores its role as a sacred bird, revered for its association with the spirit world and the natural abundance of Borneo’s forests. The intricate patterns and colors used in hornbill designs reflect the intricate relationships between humans, nature, and the divine.

Similarly, the dragon motif in Dayak beadwork evokes themes of power, courage, and mythical prowess. Dragons are intricately depicted with scales and sinuous forms, often intertwined in elaborate patterns that showcase the Dayak artisans’ skill and creativity. These representations not only celebrate the mythical narratives integral to Dayak culture but also symbolize protection and prosperity within their communities.

Condition – small loose ends on the top. Pls view picture for details. Item sold as is.

H – 30 x 33 cm / 296 g

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Dayak Baby Carrier Bead Work
$ 250.00

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