Batak Medicine Horn Use By Shaman / Naga Morsarang / Sahang

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This medicine horn container used by Batak shaman or Datu is known as Naga Morsarang or in short Sahang. It is made of a giant water buffalo horn with a wooden stopper delicately carved in the foam of a Sea Dragon in one side and a Dragon on the other side. The front Face carved with a human feature which indicate that this figure has a transformative ability in the spiritual realm. This is indicative to on side of the Sahang head which has one side fish scale and the other side a cloud like or floral motif. At the back of this sahang sits 3 figures and sitting in a row as if they are preforming an offering or ceremony. At the tail of the sahang sit another figure which represents a Datu or shaman with a terburn tied on its head with horse hair. Under this Datu figure is an anthropomorphic singa transforming. As if the Datu has the ability to transform it self to a Naga. Such container were use to store magic substance and were used in important ritual which are perform by  Datu. This tri characteristic is very unique  for a sahang. This sahang was collected in Sumatra in in the 80s and was from samosir island .

H – 26 x 40 x 7 cm

Height on stand – 35 cm / 1.961 kg

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Weight 1.961 kg
Dimensions 26 × 40 × 7 cm


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Batak Medicine Horn Use By Shaman / Naga Morsarang / Sahang
$ 1,850.00

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