Dayak Baby Carrier For Rights Birth Ceremony

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This is a ceremonial baby carrier use in birth right. Used by chief ‘s heir,a shaman’s heir or a heir of a great warrior. Its carved out of a single piece of ironwood with a face of a lighting god or Udu in the center decorated with shell to give life and 2 aso figure on the side as protectors. Aso are symbols that represents and protection. The lightning god is to give strength an enpower the individuals souls.The rim of the carrier is delicately finish with rattan binding which is a very strenuous to do for ironwood as it is very difficult to work with.

This carrier is collected in the 80s from the kenyah kayah tribe of east kalimatan and probably made in the 60s or 70s.

H – 36.5 x 36x 20 cm / 3.652 Kg

Material – Ironwood, Shell, Rattan and glass beads.

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Weight 3.652 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 36 × 20 cm


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Dayak Baby Carrier For Rights Birth Ceremony
$ 1,200.00

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