Dayak Dart Quiver With Human Figure

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Borneo Dayak bamboo dart quiver. This quiver is very simple made of bamboo and rattan however the holder of the quiver is the art where the meaning and iconography is found.

The Hold of this quiver is carved with 2 figure which represent a father and son. The father figure is seen with his hand together while facing the quiver and facing away from his son while the son is facing outwards facing the world. This symbolize an initiation  progress from childhood to man hood. This particular holder is very rarely seen with such emotional imagery. probably would be a gift from father to son.

Condition – rattan bindding is loose with cover attachment dis connected

comes with some poison darts . careful while handling this dart.

H – 38 x 13 x 9 cm

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Dimensions 38 × 13 × 9 cm


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Dayak Dart Quiver With Human Figure
$ 480.00

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