Melanau Healing Figure ‘Belum’

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A Melanau healing figure, often referred to as a “belum,” is a traditional wooden sculpture used by the Melanau people of Sarawak, Malaysia, in healing rituals. These figures are intricately carved and believed to embody spiritual significance, serving as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual worlds. Shamans use these figures to diagnose and treat illnesses, invoking their protective and restorative powers during ceremonies to restore balance and health within the community.

H – 37 x 9 x 8 cm

material – sago pith / very light

condition Рminor chip  on the arms, left thumb and the bottom. pls see pic for details.

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Dimensions 37 × 9 × 8 cm


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Melanau Healing Figure ‘Belum’
$ 680.00

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