Sumba Cotton Board Kabiru Of A Human Figure

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The Sumba Cotton Board Kabiru of a Human Figure is a remarkable piece of traditional art originating from the island of Sumba in Indonesia. This unique creation combines the cultural heritage of Sumba with the artistic style of Kabiru carving. Crafted from wood, the Sumba Cotton Board Kabiru depicting a human figure. Used primarily for pounding cotton fibers, these boards serve a practical purpose in textile production while also embodying the artistic traditions of the region. The combination of functionality and artistic expression highlights the ingenuity and creativity of the Sumbanese people.

H – 37.5 x 18 x 5.8 cm / 1.515 kg

Height with stand – 43 cm / 1.905 kg

Price included custom base and shipping.

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Weight 1.905 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 18 × 5.8 cm


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Sumba Cotton Board Kabiru Of A Human Figure
$ 399.00

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