Borneo Parang Latok Sword

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Parang Latok is a sword from Sarawak, Borneo ; where it is regarded as the national weapon of the Sarawakian Malay people and the Bidayuhs, and as well as Kalimantan, Indonesia. It also functions as a machete. This sword is forged of good quality layered steel with a wooden handle adorn with silver rings. It is estimate to be from the early to mid 19 century and it shows much sign of use from the handle and blade. Behind the blade you can see 2 marking and another 3 brass inlay marking near to the handle. Dayak normally marked their sword when they have taken a head. The handle have sign of heavy use which normally indicate the used for headhunting.

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Borneo Parang Latok Sword
$ 1,650.00

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