Borneo Dayak Shaman Ceremonial Vest

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The Borneo Dayak Shaman Ceremonial Vest is a breathtaking manifestation of cultural heritage and spiritual significance. Crafted with meticulous detail, this vest serves as a visual tapestry, adorned with vibrant, intricate embroidery that narrates tales of ancient rituals and beliefs.

At its heart, the vest showcases two human figures intricately woven into the fabric. Each figure is meticulously embroidered with threads of rich hues—green, yellow, red , black and white—that symbolize elements of the natural world and spiritual realms. The figures are depicted in ceremonial attire, their postures conveying reverence and connection to the spiritual forces they invoke.

The vest itself is a reproduction of a deeply rooted system of beliefs and practices among the Dayak people of Borneo. Every stitch and pattern holds symbolic meaning, representing the harmonious relationship between humans and the spiritual dimensions they navigate through rituals and ceremonies.

The embroidery on the vest not only beautifies but also educates, telling stories of creation myths, ancestral spirits, and the journey of souls. Each motif and color choice is deliberate, echoing the wisdom passed down through generations of shamans who use such attire as a conduit for channeling divine energies and invoking blessings.

Through its colorful embroidery and the depiction of human figures, the Borneo Dayak Shaman Ceremonial Vest transcends mere fabric; it embodies a living tradition, a testament to the spiritual interconnectedness of humanity and the cosmos in the rich tapestry of Bornean culture.

H – 67 x 52 cm / 306 g

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Borneo Dayak Shaman Ceremonial Vest
$ 580.00

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